You have reached the web pages of TrustC3.com, a consulting partnership led by Dr. Rodger Morrison that specializes in providing consulting and technical services to not-for-profit organizations, small businesses, and home computer users.  In addition, TrustC3.com provides discounted technology assistance to users with severely limited resources (especially widows, orphans, and related support organizations) in the counties in and around Montgomery, Alabama.

Our photography albums and the owner's blog are still online and can be reached through the links in the menu above.  There are also several active surveys currently being administered through this site, though respondents are invited with a URL rather than clicking on a menu option.  Nevertheless, from time to time there are active surveys that may be available through the top menu for you to participate in, should you choose to do so. Faculty and students associated with an educational organization may use our survey administration tool at a lower-or-no cost, though IRB approval in advance is required.  We are just beginning to put together a newsletter for our existing clients, which would contain information about necessary security and technology issues that they should be aware of.  Finally, we are working on offering some of our maintenance checklists for sale to our more adept users, so that they can maintain their own systems.  Click the "Shopping" button in the top menu for more information.

Please feel free to send us an email should you have the need or have any questions.

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The TrustC3.com team.