Data Services

We offer a number of data services that can be performed off-site at a somewhat lower price than if performed by your own employees.  Examples are below, but if your needs are unique, just give us a call and we will see how we can help.

-  Document Proofreading:  We have experienced proofreaders (authors and journalists), available for most types of proofreading.  While our turnaround time on proofing depends on the size of the job and our workload, most simple proofing work can be turned around in less than 72 hours.  Prices are $2 per page, with a $25 minimum.  If the work is academic in nature such that it requires strict adherence to a style guide (we prefer APA or MLA) with regard to document layout, reference structuring, and other such things, then the minimum price per job is $50.   (Times New Roman, 12pt, 1” margins) $25 min.

-  Transcription: We can transcribe both hand-written and recorded voice material into computerized formats (DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, etc.).  $30/hr, depending on what it is you need transcribed.  Simple typing of handwritten notes - $10/setup + $2/page.

-  Data Entry: We can perform data entry into your systems on-site, or we can create an on-line data entry tool for others to enter data from off-site locations, as required.  On-site priced at $20/hr, off-site $15/hr + input form setup.  8 hr minimum on all jobs.

-  Logo Design: We are able to help with most logo and branding needs, which are usually more than just simply creating a single graphic for a company.  Rather, we assist with creating a basic logo or graphic and then we create a variety of file types and sizes for use on websites, letterhead, forms, company apparel, etc.  $100 setup + $50/hr on-site, or $100 +$30/hr off-site.  Note:  Costs can be significantly reduced if you have a sketch already available to work from.

-  Statistical Analysis: We are experienced with most forms of data analysis including both parametric and non-parametric methods, diagnostics, model development, hypothesis testing, and more. $50/hr, 2 hr min.