In-Home Services

We provide a full suite of on-site computer and networking services ranging from simple virus removal to data recovery, recurring maintenance, network installation, and more. We can handle most any business computing need you might have, so if you do not see it listed below, just give us a call and we’ll be glad to help. However, most needs fall into one of the items listed below:

- In-Home Technology Services: $150 for 1st hour + $75 for each subsequent hr.  However, for correcting routine issues with a PC, see "Recurring Routine Maintenance" below.

- PC Service, Maintenance, and Repair: $150 per computer.  Should be performed annually.

- Network Installation or Repair: We install PC networks and other low-voltage systems in homes as they are being built or in existing homes.  Please contact us for more information.  Prices depend heavily upon the type of network (wired or wireless) and the type of work (new construction, existing house, ceiling and wall type, etc.).

- Home User or Small Group Instruction: $50/hr for one student + $20/hr for each additional student.

- Custom Built PCs: Whether task-specific or general purpose, we can build a custom PC to suit your needs.  Our PCs have a reputation for being fast, dependable, and reasonably priced.  Ask about our liquid-cooled PC, “The Beast.”  Generally, we build PCs for the cost of parts, plus a $150 fee to assemble, test, perform initial maintenance, and deliver to your door (local to Montgomery, AL).  We can also put together a custom parts list for a computer so you can buy and build your own for $50.